Sunday, October 01, 2006

£5M investment made and they want to close it!

Physics at Reading

If you have been to the Physics Department at Reading recently you would have thought this was a place planning for the future. The Ground Floor area has been refurbished and equipped to produce a state of the art Ultra-fast laser Laboratory, Nanoscience Laboratories and the Centre for Advanced Microscopy (HEFCE SRIF and Royal Society funded). The first floor is a hive of activity as the final touches are made to the piCETL - Physics Innovation Centre of Excellene in Teaching and Learning (HEFCE Funded) and the teaching laboratories look resplendent in the recently refurbished state (HEFCE funded). I am told it is comes close to £5M which as been spent to help support the excellent teaching & learning, research and outreach which is the hall mark of the Department - now the Senior Management Board propose to close it!!!???


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